Is Anti-Aging Medicine a fiction or reality?

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My health is quite strong and I believed that I did not need to do much to improve it. Little did I know…

Last May I was attending a World Congress on Anti-Aging medicine in Miami.  Anti-Aging Medicine which is by definition directed against the effects aging could be also referred to as “Functional” or “Integrative” medicine. I anticipate a question: what is it and how it is different from a “classic”, or “traditional” medicine?

First of all, the Anti-Aging medicine is not something mysterious or esoteric.  As the conventional medicine does, the Anti-Aging one is based on scientific findings confirmed by experimental data. The Functional medicine doesn’t contradict with the traditional one, but rather complements the latter when it reinterprets the known facts from a different view and thus opens new perspectives and the opportunities unheard of earlier.

This branch of medicine considers human body as a whole single organism. Its aim is to create and support the state of optimal body functioning. This means that a physician should not just give medications for a bunch of symptoms, but has to identify the root of a problem and help to restore the optimal body functionality to create health. The existing methods and procedures created within the Anti-Aging, Integrative movement have already shown excellent clinical results. But I was even more impressed of how the speakers on the congress looked – all of them appeared to be in great health and much younger than their biological age.

So, I was really impressed with what I have seen and heard during the World Congress. I was eager to find the ways to apply this new knowledge to my life and my medical practice.  However, I had to follow a simple rule that established for myself – to recommend for my patients only something they can benefit from and what I’m confident about to recommend to my loved ones. Therefore, I decided to begin with me and my family members, who gave an informed consent for this “experiment”.


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