Anti-Aging Part 2 – My experience with detox

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As I promised earlier, today I will tell about my first “experiment” with Anti-Aging medicine. When I knew very little about this wonderful new branch of medicine I imagined lasers, magic pills other hi-tech. Yes, these things do exist there, although some people could be a little disappointed to find out that the first step is a relatively low-tech, yet very effective and scientifically based detoxification program.

So, here I was, opening a kit with detailed instructions and eager to start…

I thought that my diet had already been really healthy and I truly believed that the whole thing is going to be a piece of cake for me. Right… Till the day One when my body started to be a little irritated without caffeine. On the day Two it became even worse. On the day Three I started to feel mild tiredness and more fatigue. That’s when I began to think: “What did I get myself into? Was it the step in the right direction?”

And the answer came on the day Four – when I really stated to feel more energy, even more then I had before, and everything started to become easier for me. I enjoyed how delicious and tasty could the food be like never before. My senses became sharper, my reactions improved as well as my confidence. On days Five and Six I felt enormous gratitude for everything and I felt being loved. I started to experience the waves of love going through my body and filling it with life and energy. I felt alive from within. The words I use to describe my feelings could not describe the whole picture and the beautiful sensations that I had. I truly felt that this day was just a beginning of my new life.

On day Six I went to a horseback riding lesson with my daughter. I was given the slowest horse there named Justin. And I felt so empowered that I was able to manage him perfectly, getting him to a splendid cantor. That was my best lesson up to date. On the same day I took a Hot Yoga class – one and a half hour of strenuous exercises in a humid room with temperature of over 100F – and I did not feel tired at all. In fact, I felt so much energy in my body that I was able to give my best effort and again, it was my best class to date. I was so happy with my results and with how I was feeling myself. On days Seven and Eight, when my daughter was complaining, the only thing I heard was: everyone needs more love. I was able to be in my body and refrain from judgments, and it was wonderful again.

You may ask: how is it done? There is elimination diet to follow and there are supplements to take. The program is designed to create optimal microbiome (sum of bacteria, living in a gut), helps leaky gut and in turn this helps immune system. Also, the program supports methylation – a natural process of detoxification of proinflamatory molecules, toxins and carcinogens. This is creating pathways for the body to better detoxify in the future and with proper diet creates foundation for optimal body functioning.

Do you want to start on your own? Eliminate sugars, alcohol and wheat from your diet and start eating more cruciferous vegetables (broccoli), beans and greens. Want help, guidance and jumpstart? Ask me how.


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Is Anti-Aging Medicine a fiction or reality?
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