Unfortunately, arthritis can arise in many forms and can affect everyone – including children and adolescents. While the most commonly known form, Osteoarthritis, is a degenerative disease that progresses as we age, many forms of inflammatory arthritis can affect people at any age.

The most common form of inflammatory arthritis is Rheumatoid arthritis, or RA. There are other forms of inflammatory arthrities, such as Psoriatic arthritis, or PSA, Ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis with Chron’s disease, Polimyalgya Rheumatica, Gout, Psuedogout, Lupus or SLE and others. Please be assured that we are experts in treating all of them. But RA is a prototypic form of joint inflammation and although every type of arthritis has it’s own feat hers, treatment approach is quite close, so we will discuss mostly RA. Should you want more info about this, it could be found on ACR website.

If you have joint pain and/or arthritis, it is very important to know what kind of arthritis do you have. It takes a lot of training and experience for a physician to arrive at the correct diagnosis. On its earlier stages the Rheumatoid Arthritis is quite often insidious with normal X-rays and even lab results which make it difficult to distinguish it from Osteoarthritis or Other disease causing pain.

Key Points to Remember:

Untreated Arthritis may destroy joints, cause disability and shorten your life by 10 years.

Early diagnostics and specialized treatment are paramount to stop and heal joint damage and prevent dysability. Should you choose to use traditional and alternative holistic therapy for treatment of artritis you will get optimal results.

There are effective arthrits treatment options available now. Find out what works for YOU.

At our practice we have seen many RA patients who had been misdiagnosed and were receiving prolong treatment with OTC drugs or physical therapy – which could be appropriate for Osteoarthritis but inadequate for the RA. The caveat is that such therapy could not stop the inflammatory process but may relieve an acute pain and thus created an illusion of some “improvement”. In the mean time, joint damage progresses. Study show that erosions (damage of the joints) can form very early, even after two months of disease. If the correct diagnosis was not established early enough, the precious window of opportunity to save the joints from damage may have been missed… That does not mean that patients with long standing RA can not be helped; Rheumatoid arthritis treatment can be accomplished at any stage. But the early detection of this disease will bring much better results in terms of therapy; that’s why we are so passionate about the early diagnostics of this condition. We want the best results for our patients!

We are also very particular when it comes to communication with our patients regarding the medications we prescribe. Of course, all medications, including the ones you can get without prescription, may have side effects. Should you think you may develop it, we are always here to discuss your therapy and find the optimal care that is right for you. However, it has been my experience that significant side effects are quite rare and most of the medications are tolerated well and do benefit the patients. Even more, modern RA therapy can stop and even reverse joint damage done by arthritis.

In many cases then we compare “before” and “after” sonogram of the same joint of patients on therapy we see documented improvement and even reversal of disease process. There were also cases when after the initial treatment had delivered excellent results some patients decided to drop it. Invariably the inflammatory disease process was coming back – not at once, but after a few months – and with more pain and intensity. So it was necessary to perform urgent joint injections, increase the dose or introduce more powerful drugs at that time.