Personalized approach is the cornerstone of the modern functional medicine practiced in our office. It goes far deeper than acknowledging an obvious fact that every patient is unique. Functional medicine is trying to understand the root causes behind health issues in order to resolve them and that’s why it has to take into consideration much more variables from different aspects of patient’s life. So, don’t be surprised to hear the following questions:

– What makes you happy?

– Do you exercise regularly? What exactly and how often do you do?

– What are your eating habits? Do you like cooking? Where are you shopping for groceries?

– What do you like to do in your spare time?

and much more…

Your honest answers along with objective data from labs and other diagnostic tests will help us to understand you better and design the right solution for your body needs. Don’t forget that when personalized approach is more than a just buzzword – it is an ongoing process which provides feedback and requires a lot of participation from a patient. Our ulimate goal is to deliver positive results, like long lasting good health for your mind and body. The personalized approach is one of the ways to achieve it.