Wellness & Rejuvenation

Just imagine… Have you ever wondered about possibility of slowing down your biological clock? Wouldn’t you jump on chance to look better, enjoy younger body and stamina and have vibrant health and energy? Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to feel happier and more peaceful when before, radiating health and joy? How would it feel to loose all that extra weight and to enjoy a younger look of your new sexy and healthy body?

Could you imagine all of this becomes a reality and your friends, who are tired and fed up with life, come to you asking: “How have you done it? What is your secret?” Imagine people around you thinking to themselves that you probably spent tons of money doing cosmetic surgeries and procedures and complimenting you all the way about your looks and how you radiate pure grace. But you know the answer: You loved yourself enough to tap into your inner potential and as a result of it youth, health joy and happiness emerged. Not merely new body or a new skin – new you – loving, abundant and healthy as never before.

Could it all be true? Absolutely. My opinion is simple but powerful: If I could do it, you could do it too! Even more, just by virtue of using my Integrative therapy program you do not need to figure out every step on the path on your own, saving you the years of hard work and – preventing from a lot of potential mistakes. Don’t you want to use all the great benefits for yourself right now sparing your time and effort? All that it takes is loving yourself enough to see that you are worth a gift of living in a younger than ever and healthy body.

To turn you desire into a reality our Integrative medical practice offers unique, not available anywhere else holistic therapy program. It is not a cookie-cutter but tailored to your unique needs and it is completely natural. The Integrated medical program consist of two parts:

A. Unique coaching program “New Healthy Younger Body. New You”. It uses tricks of the trade to reprogram your subconscious mind to use your inner potential and your body inner resources to tap into the unlimited health, joy and love of who you really are.

All of this is inside of you waiting to emerge and we are here to help you to embody that truth about you. During this process we will excavate the “hidden” platforms and ideas which are sabotaging you and turn them into your allies. We will also discover how to turn your challenges into your biggest gifts.

Just imagine, how much good it can do for you. What will your life could become if you are able to be connected with your inner power and live from that place? What could you do if you are always be sitting in the drivers seat and never become a passenger again? What else becomes possible? As a health coach, I believe that Coaching is the most powerful tool on Earth for changing people lives. In my very special coaching program I combine the power of mind-body therapy, hypnotherapy, unique In-Vizion process, Reiki and Pranic Healing, customising it especially for you. Each of this natural treatment methods complement each other and they provide fantastic results when used together. We are committed to your success and we are going to walk with you every step of the path. All it takes from you is to make a decision that you are worthy of all this.

B. Rejuvenation Therapy which includes the administration of Intravenous vitamins, either Myer’s vitamin cocktail or mega doses of Vitamin C, depending of the needs of your body. The blood level of vitamins that could be achieved through intravenous route is simply impossible to attain with oral intake and the increased concentration of the vitamins in blood is a paramount of success. This way the body cells can absorb much more of the vitamins and that increased concentration guarantees a “sweeping effect” – which means that all which is unhealthy within the cells flushes out.

Imagine hiring a cleaning company – one that not only makes everything in a house sparkly clean, but also gets rid of all outdated wiring, plumbing, appliances, decor and furniture and installs new ones in place. How would you feel in that house? How would you breath in that house? How many more years that house is going to serve you? Intravenous vitamins could do the same for your body – you just need to choose to use it.

Find out more about the truly miraculous features of mega doses Vitamin C and the powerful benefits of the Meyer’s vitamin cocktail.

We offer unique customized programs to revitalize your body and spirit.

Are you tired of disappointments and decided that nothing works for you?

Want to know what prevents you from being successful?

How would you feel if you are really able to lose extra weight and enjoy a new healthy and sexy body?

Are you ready to feel happy and loved?

We can help you to celebrate your life again. Make the first step today.