Another way to activate your healing

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Did you notice when you are positive towards others, bless them and show genuine interest, your relationships with them blossom? Did you notice that you are looking for meeting someone you love and feel positive about and dread to deal with someone you dislike? On some very deep level people know how do you feel about them and they reflect it back to you. Do you expect to have good relationship with someone you curse, hate or dislike?

And what if the same is true regarding everything else?  It came to my attention that many of my patients hold negative beliefs about medications they are taking. Possibility of side effects or horror story about what happened to some neighbor after taking some pills could play a role. And, still wouldn’t  it be the possible that the medication be of better help to your body and work with lees or without side effects should you bless it, as it is your good friend? Wouldn’t it be more helpful should you bless your body and thank it for taking all the benefits that your medication has to offer and discard the rest? This way your subconscious mind would know what your intention is to rip all the benefits without experiencing side effects and it would help your body to react positively to your treatment.


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