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New York
Integrative Rheumatology

Enjoy Life without Pain

Just imagine, what our natural holistic therapy program could do for you.

Personalized Arthritis solutions

Adrenal fatigue occurs when adrenal gland function becomes less than optimal—usually as a result of stress.

Innovative approaches of conventional and alternative integrative medicine

In our modern medical center located in Brooklyn, NY, we use innovative approaches of conventional and alternative integrative medicine in order to provide not only fast relief from pain but also ensure long-lasting results for our patients. We treat every patient as a unique individual, looking for optimal health and vitality.

We are listen to and value you as a person and 100% committed to your health. Our staff are trained to find the very root of your disease process in order to come up with the solution which is perfect for you. For each patient we have developed an individual treatment plan specifically addressing the needs of the entire body. That’s why we start working on optimizing your body functions, and during this process we treat your disease. Remember that we always have time for you.

We combine state of the art diagnostic tools and modern medical care with anti-aging and regenerative techniques, including the use of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to better help you to restore your health.

We offer personalized approach to treatments of all types of joint pain, including Rheumatoid arthritis or RA, Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic Arthritis or PSA, Spondyloarthritis, Gout, Osteoarthritis, Lupus or SLE and other autoimmune and pain induced diseases. Based upon your condition and preferences we can offer more natural healing solutions to complement the traditional medical care.

We are serving patients throughout greater New York, including Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island.

Yelena Sokolova, M.D.
Yelena Sokolova, M.D.

We believe in helping everyone, and we put our patients first. Yelena Sokolova, MD is not only among the most knowledgeable doctors you can find but a vivid proponent of a healthy lifestyle and an enthusiast of integrative medicine. She is supported by phenomenal stuff that shares her vision. Every day we expand our knowledge about the wisdom of the human body. We learn about exciting new products and treatments that could help more people to live without pain and drastically improve their health. So there are better solutions for everybody. It is your turn to take advantage of them.


md handUnfortunately, arthritis can arise in many forms and can affect everyone – including children and adolescents. While the most commonly known form, Osteoarthritis, is a degenerative disease that progresses as we age, many forms of inflammatory arthritis can affect people at any age.

integrative rheumatologyJoint Injections provide fast relief for pain and are especially effective for the treatment of all types of Inflammatory arthritis, Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Osteoarthritis. When necessary, the joint injection and aspiration for arthritis are performed under ultrasound guidance – guided injection – to ensure the precise delivery of the medication into the joint. This technique also allows to avoid the needle contact with other tissues like nerves, arteries and ligaments which could sometimes happen under unguided or “blind” injections and can cause damage.

integrative rheumatologyUltrasound is safe and painless and produces pictures inside of the body using acoustic waves. Ultrasonography, also called ultrasound or sonography, involves the use of a small sensor (probe) and ultrasound gel is placed directly on the skin.

integrative rheumatologySome drugs are only available as intravenous therapy, or IV therapy, and we use a whole spectrum of intravenous medications for different types of arthritis. These medications are usually covered by medical insurance. Our registered nurse is a pro in inserting of IV lines and many patients even do not notice any pain when she is starting IV access.

integrative rheumatologyPMS is a hormonal disorder characterized by the monthly recurrence of certain physical or psychological symptoms during the two weeks before menstruation and subsiding of those symptoms when flow begins or slightly afterwards.

integrative rheumatologyHere, at New York Integrative Rheumatology we are dedicated to find out why you have an extra weight to begin with and how to help you to do most successful weight loss and keep it off.

integrative rheumatologyJust imagine… Have you ever wondered about possibility of slowing down your biological clock? Wouldn’t you jump on chance to look better, enjoy younger body and stamina and have vibrant health and energy? Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to feel happier and more peaceful when before, radiating health and joy? How would it feel to loose all that extra weight and to enjoy a younger look of your new sexy and healthy body?


No shortcuts. No compromises. Profound knowledge. Proven clinical practices. Latest technology. Responsible people.

—  Clinic Nyintegrative Rheumatology


It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice.
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New York Integrative Rheumatology IconNew York Integrative Rheumatology

4.7 174 reviews

  • Avatar Brando ★★★★★ a month ago
    New York Integrative Rheumatology office staff are courteous and professional. The technicians are experts in their field of work and make you feel very comfortable. Dr. Yelena Sokolova and P.A. Stan Meyler are extremely thorough and take the time to explain everything with all their patients. They never … More rush you in & never rush you out. I am extremely satisfied with their lab testing, diagnosing, and solutions. I rate this establishment FIVE STARS!
  • Avatar Robert Tolchin ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Dr. Sokalova is wonderful. First doctor in forever to truly listen and think outside the box to try to find ways to solve longstanding medical issues. A breath of fresh air. The whole environment is nice...right down to the homey furniture.
  • Avatar Craig German ★★★★★ a year ago
    I have been coming to Dr. Sokolova’s office for approximately 6 months and feel very confident in recommending her for anyone experiencing pain or discomfort. The office staff are professional, polite, and caring. I’m truly impressed with Dr. Sokolova’s vast knowledge, patience, and determination … More to get to the bottom of my problems. I have made much progress and will continue to work towards becoming pain free. Thanks to everyone who has helped me through my journey.
  • Avatar Victoria Ferdman ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Dr Sokolova is probably one of the nicest doctors I have gone too. She was really understanding and made me feel extremely comfortable. The staff was also be friendly and helpful and the best part was I was taken on time and didn’t have to wait hours like in other offices. They really value their patients! … More I highly recommend and so glad I found this place


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